Visiting the dentist can actually be a really fun experience. At Kids Dental Now, our dentists are caring and provide great services that you can trust. Most people have reservations about seeing a dentist because their teeth are sensitive and they are afraid to have their teeth examined with different tools. When you are looking for a pediatric dentist near me, you have to come into Kids Dental Now. Our dentists know that your child may be a little nervous to have their teeth looked at and we take that into great consideration as we provide amazing dental care that is pain free! Sometimes when you bring your child in for a basic cleaning, the dentist will find something concerning. If your kid is having issues with their teeth,our pediatric dentist may recommend space maintainers.

6 Appliances A Pediatric Dentist Uses

There are tons of appliances dentists use on a daily basis to treat teeth problems and just for basic cleaning or whitening processes. You may not know what all of these tools are and what they do but here are a few of the instruments pediatric dentists use:

  • Mirror- This is a low-tech tool that is essential for proper care. The mirror allows the dentist to see all sides of a tooth to make sure it is healthy and clean. Dentists are also able to provide a thorough examination because the mirror makes it easy to see every part of the tooth.
  • Drill- Unfortunately, if your child has a cavity, they will have to be introduced to the drill. People tend to be very afraid of cavities but they can be drilled quickly and painlessly with the help of painkillers. Before drilling a child’s tooth, our pediatric dentist still provide numbing medication.
  • Sucker- This tube is used to remove saliva and keep your mouth dry while the dentist is working on your teeth. It will aos help prevent you from swallowing toothpaste during a cleaning.
  • X-Ray machine- When you are looking for a pediatric dentist near me, our dentist can provide X-Ray’s. You do not necessarily have to have an issue with your teeth to complete an X-Ray (although if you are experiencing issues, your dentist will most likely take an X-Ray), you should have an X-Ray done on your teeth every 3 to 5 years.
  • Scanner- A digital scanner will create highly precise 3D models of your teeth. This machine is typically used for ordering crowns or bridges.
  • Space maintainers- A space maintainer is custom-made by our pediatric dentist and can be acrylic or metal. Your dentist will decide if it is better to have a removable piece or to cement it into a child’s mouth. The purpose of space maintainers is to keep the space open to allow permanent teeth to come into place.

Why You Must See A Dentist Regularly

It is very important that you keep up with dentist visits. It is recommended that you see a dentist for a cleaning every 6 months and of course if you are experiencing issues, see a dentist right away. If you do not take care of your teeth, they can become discolored and you may accumulate gum disease or plaque build up. Healthy teeth are vital for your mouth.

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