We Offer The Best  Dentistry For Children

Going to the dentist is not fun for anyone, which is why Kids Dental Now dentistry for children has ways to surprise you and your children for every visit. Teeth are a very important part of the body and keeping them clean and in place is our main goal. Yes, children lose their baby teeth. But, making sure everything is kept on a specialized plan per child and every check up is met on time is our biggest concern. We supply smart TVs and iPads in each room to give the children something else to focus on, rather than opening up their mouth and listening to a bunch of scary sounds. Everything we do is to make sure children feel good about being here, no matter what the procedure may be.

Events That Keep Children Smiling

Kids Dental Now loves to see your children smile, which is why we like to hold events to entertain them and their families. We strive to make these events fun and hold them often to keep our attendance high.

To Name a Few Events You Should Attend:

Open Houses These are held to bring in new patients, friends and family, and to let our current patients know how much we care.

Birthday parties – Our office offers children to have a party to celebrate them and their favorite staff. Believe it or not, some kids like the dentist and want to share their experiences with friends and family.

Holiday bash – Holiday parties are fun for everyone. We like to decorate the office and dress up to make the experience fun for all. It means a lot to the staff and children when parents get involved as well.


Visit Kids Dental Now

We at Kids Dental Now take pride in making sure all children feel safe and comfortable in an office setting. We have toys, comfortable chairs and a staff that helps entertain children in a number of ways. Going to the dentist can be a hassle, but bringing your children to us can make this task that much easier. Our office location in Hollywood, FL is easy to find and equipped with everything needed to make your visit a happy one!

The staff is friendly, entertaining and excited to do their jobs well. We take the time to explain each procedure in a way children can understand, and make sure we are all on the same page before heading back to the room. Something as simple as a cleaning can be scary for a child, which is why it is so important to keep the children calm and happy to run a smooth practice.

Contact Us

New patients are our favorite! We have a lot to offer and hope that you decide to visit our website http://www.kidsdentalnow.com/  or stop in the office to make an appointment today! We will make you and your children smile, guarantee it!

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