Kids Dental Now in Hollywood, FL is here to save your child’s teeth! Halloween is filled with lots of fun like costumes, yummy treats, pumpkins and lots of laughs. However, it is the candy that we have to watch out for. As a pediatric dentist, we have to make sure children are staying away from certain candies and still brushing their teeth before bed and in the morning when they wake up.


Don’t get kids cavities, stay away from these candies!

Chewy Candies: Things like gummies and taffy are some of the worst because they linger in your mouth giving them time to cause tooth decay.


Sour and citrus flavor candies: They contain sugar and acid, which are not good for your teeth.


Hard candies: Lollipops do way more harm than you realize. They are meant to be enjoyed over a long period of time, which means hanging around in your mouth, building up acid and making it difficult for saliva to do its job properly.


Chocolate: Believe it or not, chocolate is the best option. It is still, however, not good for your teeth.


All of these should be consumed in moderation and your child should not be given the freedom to eat their entire bag of candy after trick or treating. It is important to know that candy is bad for your children’s teeth just as it is for their health and you should not allow them to eat too much of it. When they do have candy on holidays or special occasions, make sure to help them brush their teeth and keep their teeth extra clean to avoid cavities from developing. Visiting a pediatric dentist to keep up with your child’s teeth is so important especially for times like these when they have candy and treats they may not normally have every day.


Visit a Pediatric Dentist

Kids cavities can be a very painful thing if not taken care of right away. Kids Dental Now has experience with all types of children because we see all types of things every day and around the holidays is when most parents call. This is why it is crucial to teach your children and stand with them while they brush their teeth and floss everyday until it becomes routine for them as it does for us as adults. Children do not worry about their teeth because they lose them and do not understand right away that their second set is all they get. As a parents, a pediatric dentist suggests that parents work with their children to explain and show the process of keeping teeth clean and healthy before it is too late. Kids cavities happen often for the smallest reasons, usually a poor diet or not brushing properly or often enough. However, they will learn over time. It is just important to make sure everyone knows of the situation and can work together to avoid it from happening in the future.


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