Encouraging good oral health begins when kids are very young. By developing habits with your children now, you can ensure that they will continue to have healthy teeth for the rest of their life. If you need more information on how your child can benefit from daily oral habits, contact your local kids dental care professional. Kids Dental Now, a pediatric dentist in Hollywood, FL, can assist you in ensuring your child’s dental health.

  1. Eat a balanced diet that avoids sugary and starchy foods


Sugary and starchy foods contribute to tooth decay. As a result, you should limit them from your child’s diet as much as possible. When you do offer them sugary foods, do so as a dessert rather than a snack, as the saliva in their mouth helps to protect the teeth against the sugar. Also, if possible, purchase sugar-free sweets to limit their sugar intake. Instead of offering starchy foods as a snack, opt for fruits and vegetables. Also, add more water to your child’s diet and limit the amount of juice, soda, and milk you offer them.


  1. Brush at least twice a day


When kids are very young, it is important to encourage them to brush their teeth twice a day. Brushing provides an array of benefits, including protecting children against cavities, getting rid of plaque buildup, and freshening their breath.


However, in order for brushing to be truly effective for your child you must ensure that they brush long enough and that they properly. Make sure that your child brushes their teeth for at least two minutes, giving them the amount of time they need to reach all areas of their mouth, and that they brush in short back-and-forth strokes beginning at the gum line.


  1. Using kid-friendly mouthwash


Mouthwash has a variety of benefits for children of all ages. While mouthwash is only recommended for children over the age of six, it can assist them in loosening bits of food in areas they can’t reach and cleaning out their mouth if they haven’t quite learned how to use a toothbrush. Mouthwash can also give them an added dose of fluoride, which helps protect them against cavities, and can give children with braces an additional boost to ensure their mouth’s cleanliness.


  1. Flossing


It is crucial to incorporate flossing into your child’s dental routine. You must remove the plaque that builds up in between and around the teeth before it solidifies into tartar. Once the plaque has solidified and become tartar it can only be removed by a pediatric dentist with a professional cleaning. By flossing daily, you can limit the amount of tartar buildup in your child’s mouth.


  1. Use dental products containing fluoride


Fluoride is critical for children’s dental health. It helps to prevent tooth decay and can even reverse it in its early stages. When you purchase natural toothpaste, mouthwash, and even water for your child, make sure that they contain fluoride.


Getting a regular check-up with a kids dental care professional


It is normal for kids, no matter how well you encourage them to adopt good habits, to obtain a cavity or experience some kind of oral health problem during the course of their life. However, when this does happen, make certain that you have a kids dental care professional you can consult about the issue and get it treated.


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There are a number of things that you can do to improve and maintain your child’s oral health. However, if you have any questions or you would like guidance from a pediatric dentist, contact Kids Dental Now in Hollywood, FL for information.

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