Life is sweet, especially when you spend it surrounded by children every day!  We are so excited that the fall is coming and together with it better weather and our big news.. First one is that our Doctor is expecting another baby girl in December, and so the great news don’t stop here, we will have a new doctor helping us in the office starting October.  She will work with Dr Cabel to ensure your child’s best smile on time with no need to wait for appointments.  Our office and staff prepared lots of surprises for all of you and decorated our office in the nice, vibrant colors of the autumn.

We Are Now Accepting New Patients

And.. great news for everyone! We are accepting new patients, no wait for appointments, great savings on our dental products and lots of fun for your children. Let your child explore the new and modern era of pediatric dentistry in a great environment with kind, professional and fun staff that will give their best to make this into a great experience for both parents and children as well.

You MUST Try Our All Natural Toothpaste

Just like the autumn is represented by the horn of plenty ( in antiquity people used to cherish the autumn for the abundance of fruits and foods that the season brought), this season seems to bring a lot of good news for all our patients too.  This month we are proud to introduce our new, locally manufactured, purely natural tooth paste that suits the entire family.  Designed initially for children with specific texture and taste to attract any age and requirements, free of unneeded chemicals, detergents and other products that regular toothpaste contains, DOCS toothpaste is been developed by our two doctors Dr Cabel and Dr Drennen to meet the most close to natural demand on the market.  Come to our office to try free samples from our variety of flavors or visit our website online at for more informations.  DOCS toothpaste can be purchased online or at our office Visit our website: for more information.

Halloween Fun Is Around The Corner!

And don’t forget, with the Halloween knocking on the door we have just the perfect “trick or treat” for you. Bring your bag full of candies to our office after Halloween and we will exchange it for a fun and interactive present. With less candies you will keep your smile healthy and beautiful longer.

Make An Appointment Today!

Call us today to make an appoint at 954 951-3001 and visit our website at for more details. We hope to see you soon!

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