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Hospital Dentistry

Hospital Dentistry

COVID - 19 specifications

Due to the recent pandemic and the special precautions every institution is taking, the hospital rules, regulations and hours of opperation changed.  We appreciate your understanding through these though times.

Due to the limited opperation time, the hospital only allows a certain amount of patients to be seen every day. Please remember to follow the time schedule accordingly, keep your appointments, strictly follow the anesthesia team instructions regarding feeding before procedure and allow time for the scheduling of the procedure.  Persistent screening is required by the hospital, and special regulations may apply.  Please reffer to the hospital website for directions at

Behavior management refers to the way we manage to bring happiness and comfort to even the most anxious dental patients. Our goal is for your child to feel comfortable, happy and safe in the dental environment. Children manage their fears differently based on their age, and many other factors. They also understand dental environments up to a certain point. For example, most of the infants and toddlers up to 3 years old that have never been to the dentist will cry if placed alone on the dental chair due to separation anxiety from their mother/father and because of the new environment. We use different methods to accommodate them depending of their level of understanding and cooperation. For example, desensitization works very well for toddlers, and knee-to-knee is an ideal fit for a baby. During desensitization a child will be introduced to the dental team and dental instruments and materials gradually during a couple of visits until the child becomes used to it all and allows treatment. For more information about behavioral techniques and definitions please refer to the forms section.

If none of these methods work, our doctors will recommend the treatment to be performed under general anesthesia.

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Usually the dental treatments under general anesthesia take between 2-3 hours as an outpatient (meaning that your child will go home the same day). The advantage is that your child will have all the teeth restored in one day without the need of multiple visits in the office.

Please remember to keep your scheduled appointments and follow the hospital recommendations strictly since they are independent from ours.  Remember that our office is not responsible of giving you the date and the time of the surgery. The hospital is the one that allows specific dates and times.  The hour of the surgery is ussually communicated by the hospital the day before the surgery, and the date is confirmed couple of weeks before.  Our office will be handeling the communication of the time and dates, but not the specific hospital recommendations regarding anesthesia and hospital guidelines.

Due to the limited space available and the multitude of patients that need to be treated under general anesthesia, we urge families to inform us as soon as they can of any possible cancelations, as we can schedule another patient in that time.  Cancelations without prior being noted will be subject to cancelation fees.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation!

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