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What Sets Us Apart

Helping Little Smiles Grow Strong and Healthy!

You want your child to grow up with a healthy, beautiful smile: one that’s filled with confidence and lets his or her personality shine. At Kids Dental Now, we want the same!

Each child we see is important to us: we want only the best for our patients and will move mountains to ensure every single one of them “graduates” to adult dentists with an amazing smile and the knowledge and passion needed to keep it healthy.

Our Pediatric Dentist and their team love spending days surrounded by happy, laughing children. We can’t wait to welcome you and your kids to our dental family!

What’s Different About Kids Dental Now?

  • We have a patient-first mentality: Everything we do is focused on our patients’ comfort, clinical and personal needs, and how we can help them develop their healthiest smile. Our doctors listen to our patients and their parents, learn what they need, then develop individual care plans for the best care and results.
  • We use the most modern technology: Our doctors are skilled at using advanced digital imaging for the most in-depth diagnostics and treatment planning. 
  • We offer early orthodontic care: By identifying and addressing issues as soon as they become apparent, our doctors are often able to correct small problems before they become big ones. In some cases, we’re able to help the mouth develop properly so your son or daughter will never need braces!
  • We have a friendly and playful environment: Our doctors and team members are motherly and warm, and we’ve created an office that’s designed for children. Starting with iPads in the reception area and extending through bright, happy colors and themes throughout the office, and toys and TVs in every treatment room, we keep children engaged. Every visit ends with the patient receiving a goodie bag, a present from the treasure chest, balloons, and coloring books. No wonder our patients look forward to visiting us!
  • We partner with patients and parents: By working together, communicating directly and openly, educating, and supporting our families, we help each child develop their best smile ... and the knowledge and passion to keep it healthy for life!

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Our family-friendly pediatric dental office in Hallandale Beach, FL, welcomes children from Aventura, Sunny Isles, Golden Beach, and Hollywood. Please contact us to learn more and schedule a visit. We offer complimentary consultations for all children five and under!

Everyone at Kids Dental Now is excited to welcome you and your family to our dental family. Please call today!

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