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Types of Appliances

Appliances are needed for different reasons. Most of the times when your child looses baby teeth before they are suppose to come out, a space maintainer is required. There are two types of space maintainers: unilateral (which holds one space open), and bilateral (when two spaces on opposite sides are opened). Other appliances available at Kids Dental Now are meant to move teeth into their place or stop sucking habits. Appliances are cemented temporarily with a special type of dental cement for 3 months – 6 months or even 2 years. We encourage you to ask (when in the office) for pictures with appliances and more explanations, and to visit us on Facebook for animation videos on how an appliance works and is kept clean.

Simple Spring Appliance


Simple Spring Appliance:

corrects single anterior tooth cross bite


Thumb Crib Appliance

Thumb Crib Appliance:

stops and corrects sucking habits and their effects


Quad Helix Appliance

Quad Helix Appliance:

corrects posterior cross bites either for one side or for both sides.


Pediatric Dental Partial appliance

Pediatric Dental Partial appliancePediatric Dental Partial:

replaces missing front teeth.


Nance Appliance

Nance appliance:

upper bilateral space maintainer


Double Spring Appliance

Double Spring Appliance:

corrects anterior cross bites for two teeth


Lingual Arch Appliance

Lingual Arch:

Bilateral lower space maintainer

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