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Meet Dr. Cabel

I love being a pediatric dentist: it’s challenging and fun at the same time. To help others is to give of our hearts and ourselves, but helping children is truly an extraordinary experience and one I am fortunate to have every day.

I love talking with and listening to my patients. It’s incredible to share in their world and hear how they interpret life and their surroundings. They often have incredible insights and offer them directly and freely: I find I learn a lot because my patients teach me, though they might not mean to do so!

I love to teach my patients, in a fun way, and release them from any dental anxiety they might have; to see a child go from feeling fearful at the thought of a procedure to being happy and even exuberant when they visit us, is incredible! It makes me happy to hear, “When I grow up, I wanna be a dentist just like you!”

Nothing makes me happier than seeing patients leave with a smile on their face, after hugging me and our team and thanking us for being their dentist. That’s when I know I’ve made a difference for this person. Being able to make a child happy is the most rewarding experience in my life. As a pediatric dentist, I have that opportunity with every child and I love it!


  • Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Dental School, Bucharest, Romania
  • Nova Southeastern University Dental School, Davie, Florida

“Reading to the mind is what exercise is to the body” — Joseph Addison

For me, continuing education is passion. Staying updated and aware of new trends, techniques, and technology means I’m able to meet each person’s needs and make the best decisions about the patient’s treatment.

Each year I take numerous postgraduate courses to keep current on the latest information. I study new treatment techniques, behavior management, how to care for special needs patients, and the latest technological advances.

I have also studied early (interventional) orthodontic treatments, laser dentistry, and pain-free anesthetic delivery methods. Additionally, our doctors and staff learn or revisit CPR, PALS, HIPAA, and OSHA rules and practices through onsite training.

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  • Memorial Healthcare System
  • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

Beyond the Practice

I grew up in a faraway land called Romania, in Eastern Europe, in a city on a river with a big delta called Brăila, with lots of friends and stories to tell. Now I live next to my office in Hallandale Beach with my two angel girls, Ava and Clara, and my husband Chris.

I love to be surrounded by family. A warm and fun family gives you energy to accomplish so much every day! Both of my parents and my husband’s parents live near us: We learn a lot from them, and our daughters are lucky to spend quality time with their grandparents every week.

When I’m not in the office, I’m usually outside — and often surrounded by children! We love spending time with our daughters and their friends, playing tennis, practicing archery, riding horses and bicycles, and playing beach volleyball. We love the ocean too, so swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and snorkeling fill much of our life beyond work.

My other outdoor passion is skiing, which I’ve been practicing since I was two. Now I’m staring out the window, hoping for signs of snow, but since that hasn’t happened in Florida since the last Ice Age, some 11,700 years ago, we travel to Canada every year to visit family and, yes, to ski!

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