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Natural Toothpaste

Made By Docs is a natural toothpaste company founded by two dental specialists on a mission to make the best. toothpaste. ever.

What is Made By Docs?


Made ​By Docs is a natural toothpaste company founded by our two practicing dental specialists, Dr. Drennen and Dr. Cabel, who have the single vision of combining Mother Nature with their love of helping others to create fantastic products. They are both on a mission to make the best. toothpaste. ever.

How is Made By Docs Natural Toothpaste different?

Made ​By Docs formulations were created from scratch by its founders, Dr. Cabel and Dr. Drennen, and are unlike any other currently on the market.  Made ​By Docs Natural Toothpaste for instance, is free from carrageenan, surfacants like sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, lead, titanium dioxide, artificial flavoring, or artificial sweeteners.


Does the toothpaste foam when you use it?

Unlike other natural toothpastes,  Made ​By Docs Natural Toothpaste does not use any surfactants in its formulation, therefore it does not foam.

Does Made By Docs toothpaste contain lead?

None of  Made ​By Docs products contain lead.  Yet, there are some natural toothpastes currently on the market with clay-based formulations have been shown to have minute concentrations of lead due to the source where the material is harvested.

What about carrageenan?

There is no carrageenan in Made By Docs Natural Toothpaste. The founders at Made By Docs were able to formulate a fantastic product through a proprietary process without using any carrageenan, surfactants (like sodium lauryl sulfate), lead, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, propylene glycol, or titanium dioxide.

What is the Bring Back a Smile™ program?

Initially designed by Dr. Drennen to help the homeless of South Florida, the Bring Back a Smile program now includes helping children & families in need. With every purchase, Made By Docs will make a donation as part of our way of giving back to the community.

Why is Made By Docs Natural Toothpaste in a glass container?

Glass Jar Toothpaste

Millions of aluminum-paste toothpaste tubes are discarded in landfills internationally each year. After its use, the common toothpaste tube has very little reusability and is also very difficult to recycle properly due to the conglomeration of materials in its design. Therefore, all of Made By Docs products can be found in recyclable and reusable glass containers.

In addition to being easily recyclable and reusable, glass is an amazing material that does not interact, with any significance, with the ingredients found within the toothpaste - unlike some other materials currently being used on the market. For us, that means more costs associated with manufacturing our product, however we feel strongly about this and are proud to have our toothpaste product in the glass containers. Also, the 3 oz. size and sealed cap, make it perfect for traveling and camping!

Where is Made By Docs Natural Toothpaste manufactured?

Made By Docs has its own manufacturing facility and is proud to manufacture 100% of its toothpaste right here in the USA (Hallandale, FL to be exact) using a 100% American workforce.

Where can I buy Made By Docs Natural Toothpaste products?



Made By Docs Natural Toothpaste can be found online at, select stores selling natural products, and select dental offices.  If you do not see Made By Docs in your local store, make sure you have them contact us!

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